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Behind the Foxgloves by Sze Jia SeeView Album
Tour Guide Jamie and I by MeldaviView Album
Highland Cow at Loch Ness by Ming Che TsaiView Album
Iona by GeorgeView Album
Highland Cairn by Jennifer LoderView Album
Rabbie's Guides: Skye by TinaView Album
Puffin on Staffa by Joanna MaltonView Album
Heavens Beauty Shines by EveView Album
Ring Fort by Vadim KurlandView Album
Review Post Incredible tour!
 Posted by guilherme mendes on 20/11/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post best tour ever
 Posted by Ernesto Roque Gutierrez on 18/11/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Marvellous Murray!
 Posted by Pui Yee Kong on 10/11/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Whisky , Loch Lomond
 Posted by ashley penney on 07/11/2015
Review Post where the Land´s End
 Posted by Gudrun Rachner on 06/11/2015
Review Post Grant and the Isle!
 Posted by Ralf Deppe /Debra Lynn Deppe on 02/11/2015
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Review Post Overwhelmed by the amazing choices!
 Posted by Beth Olesh on 29/10/2015
  Re: Overwhelmed by the amazing choices!
    Reply posted by Calum - General Manager on 30/10/2015
Review Post thank you Peet
 Posted by marina visentini on 26/10/2015
Review Post Amazing experience
 Posted by Iva Lesanovska on 25/10/2015
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Review Post Amazing George
 Posted by Kelly Dewar on 22/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
  Re: Amazing George
    Reply posted by george on 22/10/2015
Review Post Amazing George
 Posted by Kelly Dewar on 22/10/2015
Review Post Dartmoor National Park
 Posted by elsie Bonney on 21/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Wonderful Tour to Highlands
 Posted by Tracee Hall-Davis on 20/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Wonderful trip
 Posted by Jasmine F on 19/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Review
 Posted by Susan/Bill Hannon on 18/10/2015
Review Post Tour Review
 Posted by Julie Fancher on 16/10/2015
Review Post trips
 Posted by Valerie Tate on 14/10/2015
Review Post Wonderful trip
 Posted by Mrs Zhen McKenzie on 11/10/2015
Review Post Wonderful experience!
 Posted by Irene Puhr on 10/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Fantastic tour
 Posted by Sean Merritt Heather MacPherson on 09/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Outstanding
 Posted by Jane and Sanjay on 07/10/2015
Review Post Thank you
 Posted by Florence Lau on 05/10/2015
Review Post A memorable trip that was
 Posted by Satish and Jayanthi on 05/10/2015
Review Post Awesome experience in Highlands and Lowlands of...
 Posted by sayani dutta on 05/10/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Overview
 Posted by Anthony Hercus on 30/09/2015
Review Post Outstanding Guide!
 Posted by Patti Mark on 29/09/2015
Review Post Gordon/ Stirling Castle
 Posted by Patti Mark on 29/09/2015
Review Post 4 day tour: Mull, Iona, Staffa
 Posted by Liz Longley on 28/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post help
 Posted by david wallen on 25/09/2015
  Re: help
    Reply posted by Katriona from Rabbies on 26/09/2015
  Re: help
    Reply posted by david wallen on 26/09/2015
Review Post Loved it!
 Posted by Wendy Marriott on 22/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post 1 day tour
 Posted by kirstina on 22/09/2015
Review Post Heritgage journey
 Posted by Al and Jean on 21/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Iona, Mull Skye with Jamie
 Posted by Heather Smith on 19/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
  Re: Iona, Mull Skye with Jamie
    Reply posted by Jan May on 19/09/2015
Review Post 3 Day West Coast Explorer trip from Dublin
 Posted by Monte and Marilyn Miller on 16/09/2015
Review Post availability
 Posted by Una and Bill Allen on 15/09/2015
  Re: availability
    Reply posted by Calum - General Manager on 15/09/2015
Review Post Availability
 Posted by Liana Katrina Felipe on 14/09/2015
  Re: Availability
    Reply posted by Calum - General Manager on 14/09/2015
Review Post Beautiful Skye and Highlands with Ewan
 Posted by Anna Dlugosz on 14/09/2015
Review Post Highland under the Sun
 Posted by kwokting on 13/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Highland - Lowland - Welcome to Scotland
 Posted by Bibhu Acharya on 11/09/2015
Review Post St. Adrews with Ewan, Alnwich Castle with Richard...
 Posted by Dorothy Francis on 09/09/2015
Review Post Do the Arran tour. Just do it. You wont regret...
 Posted by Lisa Catto on 09/09/2015
Review Post Three day Isle of Skye
 Posted by Deborah Ann Powell Wells on 08/09/2015
Review Post Great Time
 Posted by Michelle on 08/09/2015
Review Post Fantastic August Trip
 Posted by STRAUHSKI on 07/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Beautiful first trip to Ireland (Kilkenny, West...
 Posted by Rina on 07/09/2015
Review Post Great Escape
 Posted by David K on 07/09/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Incredible Trip!
 Posted by Pete Kruppenbacher on 06/09/2015
Review Post Day tour with jan
 Posted by Rose and Huriye on 27/08/2015
Review Post Thank You John from Glasgow
 Posted by Elena Italy on 27/08/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post An amazing experience!!
 Posted by Tammy Reid on 26/08/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Unforgetable trip with Murray
 Posted by Amyfj on 24/08/2015
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post the best experience in Scotland so far.
 Posted by dmthoth on 24/08/2015
Review Post Wonderful Trp
 Posted by Nga Nguyen on 18/08/2015
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Latest Blog Entries
Blog Entry Missed review
 Entry by GUDRUN RACHNER on 05/11/2015
Hello Rabbie-Team, yesterday I tried to post a review about my last tour. But since now I can´t find it. Will it take time until the post will be published or should I try again? Thanks for a short ... more >>
Blog Entry Recommended Daily Trips
 Entry by SOFIAMALTEZOU on 07/10/2015
Hello everybody, My name is Sofia and i will be in Edinburgh on 25-31/10/2015. Me and my friend Maria are interested for two 1 Day tours with you for the days 26 and 27 of October, but we cannot ... more >>
Blog Entry help
 Entry by DAVID WALLEN on 25/09/2015
Tried to book a trip but the form won't accept either of our two valid cc numbers ... more >>
Blog Entry Arran vs. highland explorer
 Entry by MARIA PORTUS on 14/09/2015
Just made reservation for the Arran 3 day trip, but wondering if I made the wrong choice after reading the highland explorer 5 day tour including skype Island, I am a senior in good shape traveling ... more >>
Blog Entry April 2016 tours
 Entry by GREGSEEBER on 11/09/2015
Hi , Looking at doing 3 x tours next April but still can't see any April dates as yet. Looking at these three tours: # Devon & Cornwall 5D # Escape to the West 5D # Highland Explorer 5D Can ... more >>
Blog Entry December tour from London
 Entry by STRAUHSKI on 08/09/2015
Hi could you giveme more details on this plesae New winter product for 2015 If you are planning a trip to the UK this winter we are introducing 4 new tours to coincide with the arrival of the ... more >>
Blog Entry Loch Ness tour
 Entry by SARAH VEREECKEN on 30/08/2015
I just enjoyed an entire day of visiting the Highlands and the Loch Ness. The scenery was breathtaking! And although it was a long trip on the bus, it was definitely worth it! I have done quite a lot ... more >>
Blog Entry The Highlands
 Entry by ERISA LOUISE on 25/08/2015
The highlands. A place I have longed to visit for a long time. I have felt a calling to see this hidden, organic, picturesque part of the world. Check out my complete blog ... more >>
Blog Entry Wonderful Scottish
 Entry by DIANE GERVAIS on 12/08/2015
Bonjour, mon amie et moi avons passé trois merveilleux journées en Ecosse. Nous avons visité les Hightlands... quels merveilles que ces pittoresques paysages. Nous avons eu deux guides vraiment ... more >>
Blog Entry My experience in Scotland
 Entry by MONICA PANETH on 31/07/2015
Hello to everybody. Here Iam back in Argentina. I never enter a blog of any kind before. But, I have to tell everybody what a great experience it was to have travelled with Aaron and Gillean a week ... more >>
Blog Entry 3 Day tour of Devon, Stonehenge, Bath
 Entry by DAVID ZIVKOVIC on 27/07/2015
Recently got back from our 3 day tour around Stonehenge, Devon and the moors, Bath and Glastonbury. Awesome experience made possible by our accommodating, outgoing, knowledgeable and humorous ... more >>
Blog Entry Ireland & Scotland
 Entry by COWBOYNBOO on 15/07/2015
Hello we are looking at a Ireland & Scotland vacation approx. 14 days. Do you have a tour including both places? Or is there a discount if booking both? Many Thanks, Dorothy ... more >>
Blog Entry Accomodations
 Entry by COWBOYNBOO on 15/07/2015
I have a quick question about accommodations. If you book a B&B or Hotel, do you find out the location and information before leaving on your tour?Thanks ... more >>
Blog Entry Tours
 Entry by SOMPHOL C. on 13/07/2015
Hi Rabbie's, I see from your website that a lot of tours have schedules ending at October only. Any particular reason this is so ? Do you have packages for December ? ... more >>
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