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Posted by Davie IMRIE on 06/01/2020
Hey all

I've been looking at Rabbies Tours online for a couple of years now, and have even messaged them with questions about trip(s) that attracted me. Unfortunately due to health problems, I haven't yet managed to book, and travel, on one of the many trips that appeal to me. I live on East Coast of Scotland, near Dundee, and so am really spoiled with departure points. I'm biting the bullet this time, and my first trip will be a 3 Day Skye tour from Edinburgh, in February. Once April comes around, and many more tours are running, I'm aiming to work my way through the many, superb UK, and Ireland options, with, I hope, some regularity. I'm solo, 51 yr old male, and can't wait to savour these excursions, and hopefully enjoy the company too.
Maybe I will see you whilst travelling, ... I plan to be jotting down my experiences on here.
Reply to: Newbie
Posted By: Rabbies on  06/01/2020
Hi Davie,
Good to hear from you.
Exciting that you're going to experience your first Rabbie's Tour to Skye soon!
We're sure you will love it. The mountains will have stunning snow-capped mountain peaks at that time.
Let us know if you have any questions about it.
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