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Posted by Janette c Turbe on 03/11/2019
I am planning on booking a tour with Rabbies 3 day Scotland and 5 day Ireland. My question is would you recommend booking accommodations myself or rely on Rabbie's making the accommodations?
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Posted By: Rochelle Emery-Luckett on  15/11/2019
I had Rabbie's book my accommodations on the Orkney and Scotland's Northern Coast 5-day tour. I enjoyed all accommodations that were booked for me. It was a fairly good way to also ensure that you are staying with some of your travel group members. Of note, I selected the B&B with private ensuite option. Most of our group chose the same or a small hotel option. I believe that Rabbie's also uses vendors that they are familiar with and have good feedback from. One less thing for you to worry about. Have fun!!
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Posted By: Rabbies on  06/01/2020
Hi Janette,
It's completely up to you.
If you want us to book your accommodation through our partners you simply let us know during booking what your preference is: hotel, B&B standard, B&B ensuite, hostel etc.
And we reserve it so that you just pay when you arrive.
Let us know if you have any other questions!
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