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St Yves by Christa Schmidt-SanetraView Album
Loch Lomond by MeganView Album
Dunure Castle next stop by JohnView Album
Lighthouse by LeiaMView Album
Puffins on Staffa by MeganView Album
Portree by JamesView Album
Falmouth, Sunrise by Shuo ChenView Album
Group Photo on a Sunny Day by Tom AdlhochView Album
Eilean Donan Castle by Katie & JakeView Album
Review Post Beautiful day tour
 Posted by ANNA-MARIA VASILEIOU on 17/07/2014
Review Post Unforgettable tour!
 Posted by Attila Szabo on 17/07/2014
Review Post Alan the best guide
 Posted by Family Wikström on 16/07/2014
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Review Post Glasgow to Stirling Castle and the Wallace...
 Posted by Sandra Gall on 13/07/2014
  Re: Glasgow to Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument
    Reply posted by Calum - General Manager on 14/07/2014
Review Post Absolutely Wonderful - Highlight of our UK Trip!
 Posted by Katie & Jake on 13/07/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Isle of Arran Adventure
 Posted by katheli on 11/07/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post A visit to a kingdom
 Posted by Ninsig on 10/07/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Great day out!
 Posted by Ninsig on 10/07/2014
Review Post Wonderful trip
 Posted by MINYU on 09/07/2014
Review Post Poem about Orkney
 Posted by Rebecca Craven on 09/07/2014
  Re: Poem about Orkney
    Reply posted by Calum - General Manager on 09/07/2014
Review Post A wonderful day
 Posted by Benjamin on 08/07/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post first time in Scotland and beautiful memories
 Posted by Lan on 08/07/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Karen Marr tour Guide
 Posted by Todd and Meg Kowalski on 06/07/2014
Review Post Karen's tour 4-6 July 2014
 Posted by Frida & Tobias on 06/07/2014
Review Post Arran Adventure!!
 Posted by Dalziel on 29/06/2014
Review Post wonderful days with an experienced driver and...
 Posted by Christa Schmidt-Sanetra on 29/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post and whisky!
 Posted by Olga on 27/06/2014
Review Post Far North & Orkney with Duncan
 Posted by Laura on 25/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Incredible 2 day tour!
 Posted by The Palleschi's on 24/06/2014
Review Post Awesome experience
 Posted by Susan Johnson on 23/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Great Day
 Posted by Sandy Graham on 23/06/2014
Review Post Wonderful time
 Posted by Jean Thompson on 23/06/2014
Review Post Amazing tour!
 Posted by AMSOMS Vincent on 18/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Palate
 Posted by Gary Williamson on 16/06/2014
  Re: Palate
    Reply posted by Calum - General Manager on 16/06/2014
  Re: Palate
    Reply posted by Gary Williamson on 16/06/2014
Review Post Great Tour
 Posted by Gary Williamson on 16/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post These days have gone by too fast
 Posted by SD Berlin on 15/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post The BEST Tour we've ever had
 Posted by Eva & Thomas Koch on 15/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Fantastic Tour Guide
 Posted by Kris & Sandra Hallergard on 12/06/2014
Review Post Wonderful
 Posted by May Anderson on 11/06/2014
Review Post Whiskey Tour
 Posted by Patti Ann on 10/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post One of the best experiences ever!
 Posted by Emilie on 09/06/2014
Review Post West Highland Lochs & Castles 1 day tour
 Posted by Kelly Fresh on 08/06/2014
Review Post Thanks to our great guide John and to Rabbie's...
 Posted by Anna Ivanova on 07/06/2014
Review Post Magical Green Quilt of Ireland's West
 Posted by Carolyn Connelly Coleman on 07/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post John Ahern's 5-day Escape to the West
 Posted by Nancy and Steve on 05/06/2014
Review Post Roland's Tour May 2014
 Posted by Lorri Kiernan-Crowe on 04/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Once upon a time (this past May with our great...
 Posted by Nicole on 03/06/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post Complete Outer Hebrides Tour
 Posted by Susan Goodfellow on 03/06/2014
Review Post Superb trip 9th May 2014
 Posted by Allison Gilchrist on 02/06/2014
Review Post Thanks for an inspiringTour to orkney.
 Posted by mareeen on 02/06/2014
  Re: Thanks for an inspiringTour to orkney.
    Reply posted by Lorri Kiernan-Crowe on 04/06/2014
Review Post unforgettable
 Posted by Susanne on 02/06/2014
  Re: unforgettable
    Reply posted by george on 02/06/2014
Review Post Thanks
 Posted by Claire Bailey on 02/06/2014
Review Post Great Time
 Posted by mareeen on 01/06/2014
  Re: Great Time
    Reply posted by george on 02/06/2014
  Re: Great Time
    Reply posted by mareeen on 02/06/2014
Review Post Party Pete
 Posted by Anette Persson on 31/05/2014
Review Post November
 Posted by George on 30/05/2014
Review Post A tribute to our tour guide Mike
 Posted by sitikantha pattnaik on 29/05/2014
Review Post Euen, the wee ferries and the giants
 Posted by William Fishman on 28/05/2014
Review Post AMAZING!!
 Posted by tushita on 27/05/2014
Review Post Fantastic Tour with "Wee Peter"
 Posted by Heather Anne Lambert-MacKay on 27/05/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post May 7th Isle of Skye tour with John the best tour...
 Posted by Gord St. Denis on 27/05/2014
Review Post Best tour guide - Party Pete
 Posted by Alwyn and Faith on 26/05/2014
View Tour Photo Album
Review Post GREAT tour guide
 Posted by Terry on 25/05/2014
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Latest Blog Entries
Blog Entry Tours in Australia or NZ
 Entry by ROBYN AND VINCENT BRYANT on 06/07/2014
Hi, We toured with you Sept 2012 and just loved it. Any chance you will be opening up toyrs in other countries? USA, Europe? Cheers Robyn and Vince Bryant Western Australia ... more >>
Blog Entry Limits
 Entry by GARY WILLIAMSON on 19/06/2014
Following a request by several people on our tour might I suggest that the guides are equipped with the limits of how many bottles of whisky they can take home as this varies from their duty free ... more >>
Blog Entry Rabbie’s Romantic Realism
 Entry by MADISON on 16/06/2014
Madison is in 5th year at Mary Erskine's in Edinburgh and is hoping to be a journalist. Here is her review of our West Highlands tour... How You Can Discover a Scotland to Fall in Love ... more >>
Blog Entry Planning Help request
 Entry by SONDES on 12/06/2014
We are planning to visit Scotland for vacation. We would like to spend 3-4 days and explore the area. How can I get some help planning the trip? ... more >>
Blog Entry Sky Island Tour - 3 days
 Entry by IOANA on 06/06/2014
We're interested in booking the Sky Island Tour - the 3 days version, but can't seem to get to get the hang of the itinerary. Meaning, how do I know exactly where do we stop, or what sights we're ... more >>
Blog Entry Devon/Cornwall 5 day tour
 Entry by HANNAH HELEN COHEN on 27/05/2014
from May 10 thru 14, I was part of the 5-day Devon/Cornwall trip. Despite having traveled often to England, this was one area I had never seen. Signing up with the Rabbie's tour was the best move I ... more >>
Blog Entry 14 days in UK/ Scotland
 Entry by KON CLARE on 22/05/2014
Hi I am international student attending summer school in UK. Once school ends I have 14 days and like to see Scotland and UK in the month of August Should i go up Scotland on 2/8 then travel ... more >>
Blog Entry Best 3-4 day tour?
 Entry by KÉVIN on 18/05/2014
We have 4 days to tour in Scotland, and love the itineraries of the Loch Ness, Loch Lemond, and West Highland day tours. Is there a 3 day tour that combines these itineraries that I just can't find? ... more >>
Blog Entry Escape to the West 5 Day Tour of Ireland 25/5/14
 Entry by ANN on 13/05/2014
We are on this tour and will be in Killarney during dates of the Celtic Steps show, it is something I would enjoy seeing and my query is which of the nights ... more >>
Blog Entry Historic Scotland and National Trust passes
 Entry by NANCY S. on 06/05/2014
May 12-19 we will be in Edinburgh (one of the days with a Rabbie's St Andrews tour) then off on Rabbie's 9 day Skye and Orkneys, Hebrides trip finishing with 4 days in Glasgow. I've tried to ... more >>
 Entry by RACHEL HOPKINS on 04/05/2014
Greetings from Australia! I am coming back to beautiful bonnie Scotland in June and extremely excited! I was last here in August/September 2009 mainly for the Edinburgh Festival but I also did a ... more >>
Blog Entry 2-day tour in April from Edinburgh to Inverness
 Entry by INGUNN BENDIKSEN on 19/04/2014
On the 7th of April my husband and I went on the 2 day tour to Inverness. We had a fantastic time on the "wee" buss with two excellent tour guides; Al and Heather. We learnt that Scotland is way more ... more >>
Blog Entry Hadrian's Wall, Roman Britain and The Scottish Borders
 Entry by SABRINA on 09/03/2014
Hi, we are visiting Scotland next Week and found this great Tour to the Hadrian's Wall. Unfortunately there are no Dates for next Week (15th march - 20th march). Are the tours already ... more >>
Blog Entry Lewis and Barra
 Entry by JOHN ALSBROOKS on 11/02/2014
Is the new Lewis and Barra September 2014 tour fully booked? ... more >>
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